tree fertilizerSeeing so many trees thriving in your neighborhood, you might think they don’t require additional nutrients. After all, there aren’t any fertilizers out there in forests. But the soil found in woodlands and forests is enriched with nutrients that aren’t commonly found in urban and suburban soils. The soil condition here in Southwest Florida, vehicles, construction, and other human activities deplete necessary elements from the soil, making tree fertilizer necessary.

Now that you know fertilizer application is necessary, it is essential to learn how frequently it needs to be applied for optimal tree growth.

Do All Trees Need Fertilizer?

Not all trees require fertilizer, but depending on the tree type, you can determine how often a tree should be fertilized. For instance, fruit-bearing trees need extra nutrients, particularly in the flowering stage.

On the other hand, newly planted trees also need extra fertilizer application to ensure they have sufficient nourishment throughout the winter season. Native trees can thrive remarkably well without fertilizer or pesticides because they have already adapted to Florida’s local weather conditions, including drought, occasional saltwater flooding and even heavy summer rains.

How Often Should Fertilizer Be Applied?

The frequency of fertilizer application depends on the tree. Generally, tree fertilization is recommended 3 to 4 times a year, but there are black-out periods in Sanibel and Lee County with special requirements.

How much fertilizer needs to be applied depends on how many nutrients your soil needs. This can only be determined by conducting a soil test.

What’s the Best Way to Apply Fertilizers?

A granular fertilizer will be applied here with different blends, depending on what trees and vegetation are in the surrounding area and what they require. There are also local regulations to consider when applying fertilizers that are specific to your area.

Signs That Indicate Your Tree Needs a Fertilizer

With the right fertilization schedule, you can avoid trees and vegetation showing any signs of stress. But when they do show signs of stress you know something this may be an indication something is wrong, such as a deficiency in fertilization or a different issue like pests.

Hire a Tree Expert

While you may want to grow your tree yourself, your tree might not survive for long if you don’t have enough experience. On the other hand, hiring a tree expert means optimal tree fertilization and health. Professionals understand how to promote healthy growth for your tree. Plus, they can get the soil test done for you, saving you from needless hassle.

Tree West Certified Arborists is the best tree company in Florida. We have a team filled with ISA-certified arborists that use the best practices for tree care. All work will be done / supervised by an ISA Certified Arborist.

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