stump grinding costAfter cutting down a tree in your garden or yard, you may want to remove its stump to avoid having to move around it each time. Grinding is one of the most efficient and quickest methods of removing the stump. The cost of stump grinding varies depending on whether you do it yourself or hire a stump grinding service. If you are wondering, “how much does stump grinding cost” you’ve come to the right place. Read on to find out!

How Much Does Stump Grinding Cost

Multiple factors influence the cost of stump grinding, like the stump’s condition, size, and more. However, the average cost of most stump grinding jobs is between $140 and $450. And of course every project is different and cost will vary. If you want to save money, rent a stump grinder to perform the task yourself. However, we don’t recommend it if you have never used a stump grinder before. Therefore, it is best to hire a professional for stump grinding.

While hiring a professional to grind a stump typically costs between $140 and $450, there are rare circumstances where you may pay less or more. For example, a small stump that is easily accessible and less than one foot wide would cost you around $120. In contrast, stumps that are hard to reach and big in size could cost around $1,010. The cost of stump grinding can vary depending on the stump’s diameter. The standard cost per inch is between $2 and $3.50.

If your tree’s stump is around 20 inches and the stump grinding services charge $3, the cost would be about $60. However, to cover travel expenses and other costs, most professionals set a minimum fee of $100. Tip: Measure a stump’s width at its widest point from one side to the other to get a precise measurement of its diameter. Generally, the widest point is at ground level.

How Much Is Time Required to Grind a Stump?

In addition to the stump’s condition, the size and species of the tree all affect how long it takes to grind a stump. While a big stump may require several hours to grind down, a small stump completely can typically be ground in an hour or less.

Final Word

In most cases, it is best to hire a stump grinding service to remove stumps from your yard. Even though it may cost more upfront, it would be more expensive to rent one and hire a professional if you cannot. Thus, hiring experts can help save you effort, money, and time.

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