If the trees in your backyard are unkempt or outgrowing themselves, chances are you need to book an appointment with a tree surgeon. Rather than choosing any other arborist, consider hiring an ISA-certified arborist to do the job. But what is the ISA certification? Read on to find out.

What is the ISA Certification?

ISA certificationYou might have seen plenty of ads from your local tree companies. While they may have experience in tree handling, their knowledge and expertise aren’t on par with that of ISA-certified arborists.

ISA or the International Society of Arboriculture certification can only be attained after going through rigorous training, experience, and educational credits. Once a tree expert passes all tests, only then do they get to call themselves ISA certified.

Besides being knowledgeable about trees, arborists with this certification also follow the Code of Ethics, making them even more credible service providers.

Benefits of Hiring an ISA-Certified Tree Expert

Choosing your tree experts wisely is essential, given how dangerous the job can be. Here are the top 3 undeniable perks of hiring an arborist with an ISA certification:

1.     Exceptional Tree Care

Working with ISA-certified tree surgeons means working with highly knowledgeable professionals that understand the science behind tree care. Since they also adhere to the CEU requirements, you can trust the experts to provide the best form of tree care using advanced techniques, keeping in mind the tree’s long-term health.

2.     Puts Safety as the Top Priority

Dealing with trees may seem like a simple enough job, but it comes with many risks. Trees can cause damage to property, people, and overall communities. But an ISA-certified arborist ensures all safety protocols are followed on the job, ensuring zero tree accidents that may cause harm to you or your home.

ISA certification cannot be obtained unless the arborist thoroughly understands and applies the national safety practices for tree care.

3.     Efficient Workers

You can always rely on certified arborists to get the job done efficiently. In some places, the local authorities even require that you get your tree jobs supervised by an ISA-certified tree care worker.

A certified worker handles the hassle of getting all permits, and you don’t even need to hire different contractors. Only one company will manage all your tasks, keeping the well-being of trees the center of focus throughout the job.

Work with Tree West Certified Arborists

More than just tree experts, we at Tree West Certified Arborists have a team filled with ISA-certified professionals who have more that 10 years of experience with Southwest Florida trees and vegetation that can get any tree job done well within time with responsibility and efficiency. Call (239) 910-3256 or email info@treewestflorida.com to schedule an appointment today.