Pruning your trees is an important part of tree care

pruning your treesRemoving dead or diseased branches and maintaining the shape of the tree can help it remain healthy and aesthetically pleasing. But how often should you be pruning your trees? The frequency of pruning depends on the species of tree, its size and age, as well as its growing conditions.

Generally, pruning should be done every three to four years for young, newly planted trees; every five to seven years for mature trees; and annually for specialty trees, such as topiary or espalier. For fruit-bearing trees such as apple or pear, annual pruning is necessary to optimize yield (no, everything is growing very fast here, most trees should be inspected and trimmed on a yearly basis). In addition to regular maintenance pruning, there are certain times when a tree may need special attention. Storms can cause broken limbs that require immediate removal to prevent further damage.

Overgrown branches can become hazardous if they obstruct walkways or power lines; these must also be trimmed back right away. And if a branch has been infected by disease or pests, it should be cut off immediately before the infection spreads further into the tree’s canopy. When you do decide to prune your tree, it’s important that you do so properly. Make sure to use clean tools (especially when dealing with diseased wood) and avoid damaging any living tissue near the cut site (which could leave an opening for disease). Also make sure not to overprune – removing too many branches at once can shock a tree into decline!


Be aware of any regulations in your area regarding pruned branches – in some areas they must be disposed of properly instead of left on-site where they may become a fire hazard or breeding ground for pests. (Nothing we have to worry about here in SWFL) By following these guidelines and keeping up with regular maintenance tasks like pruning your trees on schedule will help ensure their long-term health and beauty!

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