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Tree West – Your Landscaping & Lawn Service Specialists

Not only can our team handle your tree service needs but they are landscaping experts as well! Tree West offers weekly and bi-weekly lawn and landscaping plans and specialty landscaping services. Maintaining your property has never been easier when you let the Tree West crew maintain and upkeep your lawn and landscaping. We are happy to provide a free estimate for your regular lawn service or specific landscaping need.

How Much Does Lawn & Landscaping Service in Southwest Florida Cost?

Regularly scheduled lawn and landscaping maintenance pricing are largely determined by the size of your property and the level of landscaping involved. Less frequent maintenance requires more work and therefore may be more expensive on a per-visit basis than regularly scheduled visits. Contact us at 239-910-3256 and we can come out and evaluate your landscaping needs.

Lawn & Yard Maintenance

Tree West lawn maintenance services are performed by professionals using industry best practices and state of the art equipment. Mowing, trimming and detailing your landscape brings curb appeal and value to your asset. We offer services on a weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly basis and are happy to provide you with a free quote to service your property.

Shrub & Ornamental Care

Proper pruning and care of your plants ensure long life cycles and less frequent plant loss. Regular scheduled pruning and shearing are performed by our well-trained landscape maintenance crews. These specialized crews have the specific equipment and training needed to deliver a beautiful result.

Sod & Mulch Installation

Tree West can enhance your property by installing sod or mulch to your existing landscaped areas. This includes a variety of types of grass, and mulch for flower beds, tree rings, planting beds or even playgrounds.

A variety of products are utilized depending on the application and type of property. This includes natural products, rubber products and choices of color and texture. Our project managers will provide you with guidance when planning your landscape program.

Seasonal Plant Installation

Perhaps one of the most important aspects of your overall curb appeal strategy can be found in seasonal colors. Seasonal color adds bursts of color to high profile areas of your landscape such as entrances, entertainment areas, courtyards, near property signage and corners of the property which border public roads. We can work with your budget according to your budget and site-specific requirements to plan a beautiful array of seasonal plants.

Tree & Shrub Installation

Tree West offers a full array of trees and shrubs that are appropriate for the Southwest Florida climate and landscape. Our selection includes a variety of palm trees, hardwood trees and native shrubbery that is sure to enhance your property and increase its value. Please inquire regarding any specific type of tree you may require.

Rock & Shell Installation

Tree West offers a more permanent and cost-effective solution by installing rocks or shells rather than mulch. While initially more expensive you will easily save money not having to refresh your mulch seasonally. Not too mention, rock or shell is very attractive and can improve the curb appeal of your property.

Design & Landscape Enhancement

Do you want to enhance the look and appeal of your property? Tree West can design a minor change to your landscape or a major overhaul. Enhancing landscapes are one of the quickest ways to build value and prepare a property for occupancy, marketing, or sale.


Trained technicians carefully apply fertilizers and nutrients to turf areas, ornamentals, palm trees, and hardwoods. Seasonal color beds are regularly fertilized and pH is kept in balance. Disease, when present, is treated pro-actively to reduce damage and loss of plant material or turf grass, ensuring your landscape looks healthy and vibrant all the time.


Why use Tree West Landscaping Services?

• We provide complete landscaping installation services

• We provide landscaping & yard maintenance services

• We provide tree & plant installation services

• We provide irrigation system repair & maintenance

• We provide fertilization services for lawn and plants

• We provide stone & mulch installation services

• We are licensed and insured

 • We continually train our team on technique and safety

• We employ team members with years of landscaping experience

• We provide free estimates, fast communication, and timely job completion


Related Services

Tree Trimming

Tree West is equipped to handle all types of tree pruning including hard-woods, palm trees, and Mangroves. Our certified Arborists understand the importance of trimming and pruning properly.

Tree & Palm Removal

Tree West provides complete tree removal services to eliminate diseased, dying, and unsuitably located trees. Our certified Arborists can remove all types of trees from your property.

Stump Grinding

Tree West can grind virtually any stump! Having successfully completed projects containing only one stump to grinding out over 300, our grinders can access nearly any stubbornly placed stump.

Tree Health

Our ISA Certified Arborists are knowledgable and concerned about your tree’s health. We use the latest techniques and technology to assess your tree and offer the optimal plan to improve its life.

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These are many of the most frequently asked questions we receive from our customers. Please don’t hesitate to contact Tree West should you have any other questions that have not been addressed here.

How often is regularly scheduled lawn and landscaping done?

Depending on the season we will service your property every week or every other week as grass and plant growth fluctuate. We will always make sure your property is looking well maintained.

How much should I expect to pay for landscaping services?

Pricing is entirely dependent on the size of your property and your properties specific needs. We are happy to schedule an appointment to provide a free estimate.

Does regular landscaping service include tree removal or stump grinding?

Typically tree removal and stump grinding are not included with regular lawn and landscaping services. We are happy to provide you with a free estimate for handling your project needs.

Does regular lawn and landscaping service include mulch?

Mulch or gravel is an additional service and not included in the price of regular lawn and landscaping services. We are happy to provide a free estimate depending on the square footage and type of mulch or gravel.

Are there different types and color of mulch and gravel?

Absolutely! There are dozens of different types of mulch and gravel available to beautify your property. We will help you with the selection mulch or gravel in order to help you make just the right choice for your property.