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25 Years of Landscaping & Lawn Service Expertise

Our skilled and well-equipped team handles all your landscaping and lawn services. Now, you don’t have to worry about maintaining your property. All you need to do is call the Tree West crew and let them do what they do best.

Moreover, you are free to contact us to get a quote for your standard lawn services or any landscaping solutions you might need.

Cutting grass with lawn mower
Lawn Cutting Service

The Cost of Lawn & Landscaping Service in Southwest Florida

Frequently, all listed lawn and landscaping upkeep pricing depends greatly on your property’s size and the effort required for the landscape. When your land requires maintenance once in a while, there are usually more issues that requires attention. Thus, the prices are high.

However, you can reach out to our team at (239) 910-3256, and we will create a plan that best fits your needs and budget.

Certified Arborist
Member ISA
Tree Care Industry
Member TCIA
Shrub trimming and care

Plant & Ornamental Upkeep

Trimming, shaping, and pruning ensure your plants look good, have a long lifespan, and are not subject to everyday plant loss. Your plants will remain healthy and beautiful with methodically timetabled snipping and cutting services provided by our experienced landscape maintenance crew.

Not only do they have years of experience, but they also have the equipment needed to do the job and deliver your desired results.

Yard Maintnenace

Yard & Lawn Preservation

Our lawn and yard specialists provide the relevant services using the best techniques and cutting-edge equipment that will leave an impression. If you wish to raise your property’s aesthetic appeal and add to its curb value, you can leave the trimming, detailing, and mowing to us.

For your ease, we offer services on a weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly basis. We look forward to providing our customers with a free estimate for all the services they wish to get for their property.

Tree Installation

Tree & Bush Fitting

Several trees and shrubs are available that complement the Southwest Florida climate and landscape. Choices comprise a range of native shrubbery. Palm and hardwood trees will uplift your property and add value.

You can send in your queries or talk to our team about any specific trees you want.

Sod and mulch installation

Sod & Mulch Installation Services

Elevating the aesthetic of your property is no more a challenge. Our team of professionals at Tree West can help install sod and mulch in your existing landscaped areas. It contains a wide range of grass and mulch for tree rings, flower and planting beds, and even playgrounds. 

The products that need to be utilized rely heavily on your property type and how much application is needed. It comprises organic products, synthetic rubber products, and options of color and texture. Our project leader will help update you with expert assistance when developing your landscape plan.

Seasonal Plant Installation

Seasonal Plant Installation

There is nothing more pleasing to the eyes than a range of colors in your garden or any other area of your property. It adds so much more to the whole curb attractiveness strategy. You can enhance the look of your courtyards, entrances, entertainment areas, property signage, and any corners of the property to your heart’s desire.

Connect with us, and we can create a strategy to fit your budget and site-specific requests to plan a scenic display of seasonal plants.

Rock and Shell Installation

Rock & Shell Fixing

If you want a long-lasting yet cost-conscious solution, rock and shell installation is ideal compared to conventional mulch. It is an investment in your property at the beginning. However, you will not require to refresh your mulch seasonally.

Moreover, the finished look of the rock and shell will do justice to your property and attract potential customers or anyone who visits.

Landscaping Enhancement

Design & Landscape Development

Who doesn’t wish to raise their property’s overall look and aesthetic? At Tree West, we have decades of experience and know how to incorporate minute changes or give a major transformation. Enriching your property’s landscape is the quickest and most significant way to raise your property’s value for use, advertising, or selling purposes.

Fertilization of Landscaping

Nourishment & Enrichment

Our proficient specialists cautiously use fertilizers and nutrients for hardwoods, turf areas, palm trees, and ornamentals. They ensure your property’s seasonal color beds are fertilized routinely and their pH is balanced. If the plants get any diseases, they have a hands-on treatment that’ll minimize the damage and stop the loss of plant material. Ultimately, your landscape looks strong and lively throughout.

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What Makes Tree West Landscaping Services Practical?

• All-inclusive landscaping installation services

• Accredited and insured

• Free quotes, prompt communication, and well-timed job completion

• Landscape gardening & yard preservation services

• Tree & plant installation services

• Lawn and plant nourishment services

• Rock and mulch fitting services

Irrigation system repair & maintenance

• Routine training to upgrade the team on performance and protection

• Hiring experts with extensive landscaping experience

• Competitive pricing and professional service

• Available 24/7 for all emergency services

• In compliance with governmental environment guidelines


Related Services

tree trimming

Tree Pruning

With over 3,482 trimming projects, the Tree West team has years of hands-on experience trimming trees, including hardwood, mangroves, and palm trees. Our licensed Arborists know well the significance of a well-trimmed tree and how it adds to the property’s look.

Tree Removal

Palm & Tree Removal

We offer all-inclusive tree removal solutions for your property. With over 1,527 tree removal projects completed successfully over two decades, our team will eliminate dying, diseased, and inappropriately located trees. Our licensed Arborists will remove any excessive trees that destroy the beauty of your property.

Stump Removal

Stump Grinding

With over 2,163 successful stump grinding projects, Tree West can grind effectively any stump! We have a record of completing one stump and grinding out over 300. Our grinders are built to access approximately any stubbornly positioned stump.

Tree Health

Tree Strength

We have ISA-certified arborists who are skilled and knowledgeable. They will identify the issues with your trees and treat them to ensure good health. We employ modern procedures and expertise to assess your tree’s health to provide the best plan to enhance its lifespan.

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Green and fresh grass can be challenging to maintain. It is crucial to keep your lawn property looking pristine and adequately maintained. Numerous factors determine the outcome of your landscaping. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions that will assist you.

Please don’t hesitate to contact Tree West in case of any queries or questions that have not been addressed here.

These are many of the most frequently asked questions we receive from our customers. Please don’t hesitate to contact Tree West should you have any other questions that have not been addressed here.

How often do you provide routine lawn and landscaping services?

It all depends on the season. Our team will provide solutions and service your property weekly or bi-weekly as and when your grass and plant growth changes. We will have your property looking faultless at all times.

How much will I pay for my property's landscaping services?

Our pricing differs from one property to another because it depends on your property’s size and what services you require our team to provide. Book an appointment with us today and get a free quote.

Does routine landscaping service include stump grinding or tree removal?

Usually, tree removal and stump grinding services are not included in routine landscaping and lawn services. However, you can contact us to get a free estimate for all your project requirements.

Does routine scheduled lawn and landscaping service include mulch?

No. Mulch or gravel services are extra and are not included in the price of getting regular lawn and landscaping services. If you wish to know more about these services or get a free quote, we’ll provide you with an estimate subject to the square footage you need and the type of gravel or mulch you require.

Are there various types and colors of mulch and gravel?

Yes! Countless unique mulch and gravel types are available to revamp your property. Our team will assist you with selecting one of mulch or gravel and ensure your choice matches that of your property.