We all love the trees in our backyard. And nobody in their right mind would like to chop off a tree for no apparent reason, especially given the climate circumstances we are going through. However, sometimes due to safety issues or weather conditions, it is recommended to get a tree trimmed from time to time.

In fact, regular tree trimming is one of the best ways to keep your tree intact and expanding. Unfortunately, not many people tend to follow up and then find themselves amidst a situation where a tree has fallen on its own. In this case, while the concerned personnel would take away the tree, you’d be left behind with an ugly sore looking stump on your flat plane.

stump grindings

Getting Rid Of the Stump

It is crucial to get rid of tree stumps. Not only because they look bad but also because they can be a tripping hazard for children and pets if camouflaged by grass. So one of the best ways of getting rid of that stump sticking out is to grind it up. Any experienced service provider can do this for you. Thanks to high-grade equipment that simply grinds down the stump and turns it into smaller wood chips, the process is relatively simple. However, many people question what to do with the stump grindings as you can’t let it all go to waste.

What to Do With the Stump Grindings?

Here are the top three ways you can put the stump grindings to some good use and avoid it all going to waste:

(i) Fill In the Stump Hole

One of the most obvious uses of the stump grindings is simply using them to fill in the hole that is left behind after the stump removal. You can easily cover it with topsoil for a flower patch to take up the space. Otherwise, you can also connect with the grass plane surrounding it.

(ii) Turn It into Mulch

If stump grindings are left even after using them to fill the stump hole, you can easily turn it into mulch. You have to spread it as a 1-inch layer upon your plant bed and rake it smooth. As the grindings decompose, they will add nutrients to the soil.

(iii) Let It Compost

Just like mulch, stump grindings also make for great compost. Simply add the stump grindings to your regular compost waste. It will take some time, almost around 3 to 4 months. But as they decompose organically, you can use them as your regular garden compost.

Wrapping it Up

Now that you know what to do with the stump grindings, you’ll be able to manage your garden better. However, we would still reinstate that the best way to avoid such a situation is to get your tree regularly trimmed.

In fact, if you are looking for a reputable service provider, check us out at Tree West. We are certified arborists who qualify in tree trimming, pruning, stump grinding, and landscaping. So if you are interested in our services, contact us today!